Meet David Korowicz

The following is a YouTube video of a lecture presented by David Korowicz, that I ran across this morning.  I’ll warn you ahead of time that it is on the order of a little over an hour in length.  But, it is a good listen and he is an interesting speaker.

David Korowicz documents the disturbing growth in the complexity of trade and financial networks and in the various types of infrastructure. He sees the collapse process as a system of re-enforcing feedbacks that cut investment in energy and R&D and cause supply chains and IT networks to break down.

David Korowicz is a physicist who studies the interactions between economics, energy, climate change, food security, supply chains, and complexity. He is on the executive of Feasta and an independent consultant. He is former head of research for The Ecology Foundation, and was recently appointed to the council of Comhar, Ireland’s Sustainable Development Partnership.

Joe’s Sushi for lunch

Lunch at Joe's Sushi in Palm Springs

Sharron and Lynda introduced us to a great little sushi bar just down the road from Thousand Palms RV Resort Park. Joe’s is located in one of the gazillion little shopping malls that dot this over crowded desert area. When we arrived at 1:30 pm, there was standing room only in this quaint little neighborhood style sushi bar.  We were lucky to snag four spots at the bar.  The sign outside says, Joe’s Sushi: The Cabo Way.  Naturally we were curious. We enjoyed a “crunchy roll” with spicy fish and eel sauce that was yummy.  Also, the salmon skin hand roll and the salmon and tuna sushimi were very fine.  And, of course, we couldn’t leave without trying one of their “Baja” specialties,  the “Anitza roll,” a combination of tuna and shrimp with a creamy cilantro sauce–Nice! We could have eaten half a dozen of them!  Without a doubt, this little spot will go into the WanderCrones tour book of recommended restaurants!

Addendum: We could not leave the area without having a second go at this little spot.  This time we tackled several more of the “Cabo Specialties.” They really have managed to fuse together the subtle taste of sushi with the zing! of the Baja.  Outstanding!  When in Palm Springs, put Joe’s Sushi on your restaurant list. It’s definitely on ours!